General Chemicals

Accepta’s range of high quality general speciality chemical products can be used in a range of commercial, manufacturing, municipal and industrial process applications.

Accepta's range of cost effective general chemicals are manufactured to the highest quality standards to deliver superior performance. 

Accepta's range of general chemicals includes alkalinity builders, acids at varying concentrations, fuel oil conditioners, heavy metal precipitants, de-chlorinators and more... general chemicals >>

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Solid Foamer (Soap Stick) for Water Removal from Gas Wells Written by ben 5019
Sodium Thiosulphate Dechlorinator Written by ben 1093
Sodium Hydroxide (25%) for pH Control, Boiler Feedwater & Resin Regeneration Written by ben 920
Polymeric Phosphate Corrosion Inhibitor for Once-Through Systems Written by ben 1792
Non-Toxic Drinking Water Treatment for Red Water, Scale & Corrosion Control in Hot & Cold Water Systems Written by ben 2157
Phosphoric Acid (5%) Written by ben 3669
Phosphoric Acid (85%) Written by ben 2587
Sodium Bisulphite (40%) Written by ben 1913
Sodium Bisulphite (20%) Written by ben 2660
Heavy Metal Precipitation Aid for Wastewater & Effluent Streams (High Charge, Very High Molecular Weight) Written by ben 2213