General Chemicals


Accepta’s range of high quality general speciality chemical products can be used in a range of commercial, manufacturing, municipal and industrial process applications.

Accepta's range of cost effective general chemicals are manufactured to the highest quality standards to deliver superior performance. 

Accepta's range of general chemicals includes alkalinity builders, acids at varying concentrations, fuel oil conditioners, heavy metal precipitants, de-chlorinators and more... general chemicals >>

Citric Acid
Caustic pH Adjuster & Alkalinity Builder (25%)
Diesel Fuel Oil Conditioner & Stabiliser
Dolomitic Limestone
Hydrochloric Acid (5%)
Hydrochloric Acid (10%)
Hydrochloric Acid (16%)
Hydrochloric Acid (28%)
Hydrogen Peroxide (35%)
Heavy Metal Precipitant for Wastewater & Effluent Streams (High Charge, Low Molecular Weight)