Accepta’s advanced technology multi-functional boiler water treatment chemicals have been scientifically formulated to offer multi-component boiler protection in a single “one-shot” chemical product.

Accepta's multi-component boiler water treatment chemicals bring together the convenience of a single chemical treatment product, with multifunctional protection capabilities to deliver superb, all-round boiler protection. This make them ideal for most industrial boiler and steam raising plant treatment applications where a simplified, single chemical product approach is required... multifunctional boiler treatments >>

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Boiler Water Inhibitor for Internal Treatment Written by ben 2050
All-in-One Boiler Water Treatment Written by ben 2518
Oxygen Scavenger, Alkalinity Builder, Phosphate Treatment & Sludge Conditioner for Low Pressure Boilers Written by ben 2502
Multi-Purpose Chemical Treatment for Steam Raising Plant & Steam Generators Written by ben 2474
Multi-Functional Treatment for Steam Raising Plant (Food Safe) Written by ben 5948
Corrosion Inhibitor & Sludge Conditioner for Boilers & Steam Raising Plant Written by ben 2459
Oxygen Scavenger, Antiscalant & Dispersant for Boiler Water Systems Written by ben 4477
Scale Dispersant & Sludge Conditioner for Steam Boilers & Cooling Water Systems Written by ben 2497
Polymer Caustic with Scale & Sludge Conditioners for Steam Boilers Written by ben 2144
Multi-Purpose Sulphite Boiler Feed Water Treatment Written by ben 2450