Test Meters


Accepta’s range of high performance portable test meters are available in both single and multi-parameter options and will allow the accurate analysis and recording of performance critical data in an in-field environment.

Our various test meters have been carefully developed for the accurate measurement of several important parameters including chlorine, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, glycol, TDS, temperature, salinity and more.

Accepta's range of meters are ideal for service engineers, environmental specialists, water treatment professionals; and building services and facilities management specialists who require a portable, reliable and accurate analysis tool for use in-field... test meters >>

Borescope Wireless Inspection Camera Kit
Meter for pH & Temperature - pH1
Meter for Total Chlorine & Temperature
Multimeter for Conductivity, TDS, Temperature & Salinity
Multimeter for Conductivity, TDS, Temperature & Salinity - EC1
Multimeter for Dissolved Oxygen & Temperature - ExS II
Multimeter for pH, Conductivity, TDS & Temperature
Multi-meter for pH & Temperature
Professional Conductivity Meter
Professional Multi-meter for Conductivity, TDS & Temperature
Professional Multi-meter for pH, Conductivity, TDS & Temperature
Professional Multimeter for pH, EC, TDS & Temperature
Professional pH Meter - AD111
Professional pH Meter - Jenway 350
Redox (ORP) Meter
Refractometer for Glycol as PEG or MEG