Water Treatment


Many commercial, manufacturing and industrial processes involve the use of water as a primary medium. These include the use of boilers and steam raising plant, cooling towers, cooling systems and other closed circuit systems.

The water used in such systems, if left untreated can cause a number of problems leading to increased risks to safety and health, reduced efficiency, and increased costs. These include the unwanted growth of harmful bacteria and biofilm, the accumulation of scale (hardness salts), metallic corrosion, bio-fouling and the build-up of suspended solids. The correct treatment of such system water is therefore vital if these issues are to be effectively managed.

Learn more about effective water treatment practices for industrial and process applications including the treatment of boilers, cooling towers, cooling systems and closed circuits... water treatment >>

Chlorine Dioxide Powder

Accepta’s SafeOx II is an innovative two part chlorine dioxide powder delivery system that works to create a highly effective eco-friendly sanitiser and disinfectant without the need for specialist equipment.

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