Industrial Plant & Equipment


Operating and maintaining industrial plant and equipment at optimum efficiency is a key performance objective for all organisations, engineers and operators in that it helps to improve output, minimise wastes, reduce costs, and minimise down-time.

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Vessel Washing - Cost Effective Techniques

This good practice guide deals with a number of issues involved with vessel washing operations and wishing to make environmental, technical and process improvements and so reduce costs and improve overall efficiency.

Water & its Effect on Industrial Plant & Equipment

Understanding water and how it effects industrial plant and equipment is important for many industrial processes.

This useful discussion paper reviews the use of water and its effect on industrial plant and equipment.

Electrochlorination Plant - Treatment of Swimming Pool Water

The use of chlorine gas as a disinfectant for swimming pool water caused several problems and the UK's Department of the Environment recommended that this use should cease by January 1985. In its place a variety of water treatment methods were introduced.

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