Electric Dosing Pumps


Accepta’s range of high performance electric dosing pumps and metering equipment are precision manufactured to offer excellent reliability and the accurate dosing and control of liquids.

Accepta's versatile electric metering pumps have been developed to be used in a wide range of industrial and process applications including water treatment chemical dosing, cooling tower biocide dosing, inhibitor dosing, pH control and adjustment, detergent dosing, swimming pool chemical treatment applications, and many other industrial process applications.

Accepta’s electric dosing pumps incorporate a switch mode power supply allowing the pumps to operate from any AC power supply from 100 to 240 VAC 50/60 Hz... electric dosing pumps >>

Accepta AT-AM Electric Dosing Pumps
Accepta AT-BX Electric Dosing Pumps
Accepta AT-MT Electric Dosing Pumps
Accepta HY Electric Dosing Pumps